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Based in Boca Raton, Florida, MobileHelp is the first integrated medical alert system to provide emergency assistance to users while in their homes or away. MobileHelp integrates cellular and GPS technology to provide medical monitoring services and location tracking for emergency assistance to the user, as well as notification and tracking for the caregiver. The company is dedicated to delivering a quality product to customers, who include seniors and their caregivers, at an affordable price, and to providing excellence in customer service and support. Originally launched locally in December 2009 with 100 customers, MobileHelp has experienced dramatic growth. Just a few short months after the local launch of their service, MobileHelp expanded its services nationally and boasts over 2,000 customers to date. The company is projecting continued rapid growth in the months ahead. The Challenge

MobileHelp needed a fully-integrated, robust CRM suite for sales and pipeline management, marketing campaigns and customer service/technical support. And, as a fairly new company, MobileHelp was not only looking for a CRM solution that could increase sales and maximize customer satisfaction, but also one that could grow with their business.

"We were confident that our MobileHelp alert system would be met with enthusiasm, and we needed a CRM solution that would scale and grow as our business expanded" said Scott H. Adams, CEO and Chief Strategy Officer. "Software as a Service (SaaS) doesn't require upfront, highdollar capital, and the 'pay-as-you-go' model is perfect for a growing company like MobileHelp." Before Aplicor, MobileHelp used various manual methods to run their sales, marketing and customer service functions. Clearly not an optimal situation, it was critical that a CRM solution be quickly put in place. Added Adams, "We wanted the best of both worlds-sophisticated functionality with lightning fast deployment-clearly a tall order to fill."

The Solution: Aplicor CRM Suite

Enter Aplicor. After a thorough review of the leading CRM solutions, MobileHelp chose Aplicor's Cloud-based CRM suite, which includes Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation and Customer Support. And through Aplicor's QuickStart implementation package, the CRM suite went from contract signing to deployment in only six weeks. During the implementation, MobileHelp executives worked closely with Aplicor to define how they would use the CRM system, and map out their workflow processes, ensuring that MobileHelp would reap maximum benefits from the CRM platform.

With Aplicor's Sales Force Automation module, MobileHelp now has an automated way to quickly and accurately track and manage its sales pipeline. "We are able to receive lead data directly into the system through our website or from the initial sales call, which is then quickly assigned to a sales representative," said Adams. MobileHelp is also now tracking the effectiveness of its marketing campaigns through Aplicor's Marketing Automation System.

Most recently, MobileHelp launched a nationwide print campaign and plan to expand to radio and TV in the near future. With Aplicor Customer Support, MobileHelp customer service representatives can manage inbound technical support issues with a system that is available no matter where you log in. This comes especially handy for several of MobileHelp's virtual agents who log into the Cloud-based Customer Support system remotely from their homes or remote offices. "The fact that our agents can be located almost anywhere allowed us to scale our call center quickly and inexpensively," stated Adams.

By leveraging Aplicor's AXIOM web services and also using smart links from the Aplicor toolbar, MobileHelp was able to quickly and easily develop integration points between their fulfillment and billing systems and Aplicor. "We can turn a lead into a customer without having to enter information into two separate systems. With the click of a button, customer and order information is populated into our ordering system right from Aplicor," Adams stated.

A Solution You Can Grow Old With

"The decision to go with Aplicor was spot-on, and we're a great example of how dynamic, growth companies can successfully leverage the SaaS model," said Adams. "We've grown our customer base by 20X since we launched our product less than a year ago, and continue to grow at a rapid clip," said Adams. "Aplicor's CRM suite continues to drive our business, and moving forward we plan to fully implement and utilize the Partner Management solution, as we focus on expanding our distributor relationships."