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Aplicor cloud based business software

Making Smart Decisions Using Better Data from Integrated Business Software Applications

Better_data_for_smart_business_adjustments_smallMost companies have access to vast amounts of data relating to everything from their customers, to sales and pricing trends, and even supply chain management. The problem arises when you try to sort through the ocean of data categories to find the critical metrics that will illuminate your best practices and allow your business to thrive in a period of sustained growth. For optimal success, any smart business owner needs to have a system in place that coordinates data across all sectors of the organization into easily digestible reports, so that key team members can use that data to make proactive changes and keep you a step ahead of the competition.

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5 Ecommerce Best Practices Distribution Businesses Need to Know

Ecommerce Best Practices

ECommerce_Best_Practices_for_DistributionWhen you’re in the business of selling goods online, you know how important the details are — and how hard it is to get them right. That’s why so many eCommerce sites in the distribution industry suffer from a variety of issues — inefficient user experiences, poor performance, and inaccurate or insufficient information. It’s essential to take a step back and objectively look at your site from time to time — to see what’s going right and what can be improved. Here are a few eCommerce best practices to help you make a complete assessment:

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Are Smaller Enterprises Missing the Boat with Cloud Computing?

KPMG_Evaluating_Businesses_in_the_CloudCloud Computing - Is Your Small Business Missing the Boat?

I recently revisited KPMG’s 2014 Cloud Survey Report, and realized that some of its key observations were worth sharing. While the report’s findings won’t surprise its respondents – C-level executives from companies representing a range of industries with annual revenue of between $100 million and $20+ billion – they may be less obvious for smaller organizations. Simply put, if your objective is to grow and you haven’t committed to the cloud, you’re missing the boat.

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Top Metrics to Watch When Growing a Small Business

Growing_a_small_business5 Key Metrics to Watch if You're Serious About Growing Your Small Business


Many companies say they are focused on growth, but few have the dedication it takes to bring their companies to the next level. If you want real growth to happen, you have to be willing to track and manage your data — to bring all of the numbers together and try to understand what they really mean. Here are just a few of the metrics you’ll want to watch when you’re growing a small business:
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How to Increase Your Responsiveness to Customers With an Integrated CRM for the Distribution Industry

Integrated_CRM_for_DistributionIncrease Responsiveness to Customers

If you’re in the distribution industry, you have a lot to track. You need to know how much inventory you have at any given moment, where products are in the distribution cycle, and what needs to go where and at what time. However, when a customer calls with a question or concern, what is your typical response time? A couple of minutes or a couple of days? Even with all of the technology we have today, businesses struggle to become agile. However integrating a CRM with other aspects of your business is often a good first step. This puts detailed customer information at your fingertips, empowering you to make better decisions and provide better service.
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How an Integrated eCommerce, ERP and CRM Platform Improves Productivity in the Distribution Industry

CRM_and_ERP_for_DistributorsImproving Productivity in Distribution

Today’s, businesses are constantly on the move. It’s all about the supply chain. Getting goods from point A to points B, C and D — and doing it all as efficiently as possible. Making sure the inventory is stocked, the resources are available, and that the right products are being delivered to the right people at the right time. How do you manage it all? Simple. All you need is eCommerce, ERP and CRM software — and additional time to manage each one separately. Or, better yet, get one integrated platform that does it all to maximize your productivity. Here are a few reasons why an integrated solution may make more sense for your business:
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Ecommerce: Your Online Shopping Cart Can Make Or Break Your Business

ecommerceFor businesses poised to enter a high-growth phase, having a safe, reliable, and easily navigable eCommerce platform is an absolute necessity. As your company’s visibility expands, more and more customers will be accessing your online shopping cart and expecting to find an elegantly-designed and glitch-free process. Online-savvy shoppers (which includes almost everyone, at this point) will be all too ready to abort the checkout process if they feel your system is lacking in functionality or security. At the point of checkout, you’ve already convinced your customer of the efficacy of your product, the competitiveness of your price, and the trustworthiness of your service; don’t lose crucial revenue by having a breakdown in the final stage of the sales funnel.

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Top Reasons Growing Companies Need Smart Reports To Streamline Data

small business management softwareFor growing companies, situations change in the blink of an eye, and small differences in data can be crucial to success.

It can be tempting for managers of organizations that are experiencing significant growth to utilize separate business software solutions for each facet of the company, often because that's how they started out, and they just don't have the time to research their options.

It may also seem advantageous at first glance to purchase software for business in a piecemeal fashion due to the uncertain cash flow conditions a business can experience when it's growing quickly.  This can especially be the case when their sales people tout that their small business management software excels in one area above all other options, pressuring you into purchasing before you've explored other avenues that can be better for the longer term.

It's well worth taking a moment to evaluate an all-in-one system which offers smart reporting across all sectors of the business,  can offer numerous benefits and put your firm in position for sustained and manageable growth for years to come.

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Abandon "Old School" Systems and Maximize Sales Productivity with CRM

Raise The Productivity Within Your Business by Using Customer Relationship Managment Software

Customer_Service_SatisfactionFor growing businesses, every customer gained and every customer retained can be essential to the success of the company. A cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software solution can organize your data in customizable and intuitive ways, so your sales team can have access to the most robust information possible in order to convert prospects into long-term customers, and enjoy the most fruitful and mutually-beneficial relationship with existing customers.


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Why Customer Service is Important for Building a Sustainable Business

Why Customer Service Based on Integrated Business Application Systems Is Critical to Building a Sustainable Business

Customer_Service_SatisfactionAs the owner or member of the management team for a growing business, you recognize that attracting new customers and retaining existing customers are two of the most important aspects of building and maintaining a successful business.  Customer Service is critical to both of these, and it's vital to get it right for your business' long term survival.   
We all know the basic mantra that "Loyal customers stay with a company who provides quality products and services at fair prices backed by exceptional customer service."  The American Customer Satisfaction Index backs this up, reporting that, “when faced with the choice between cutting costs or improving customer service, most companies focus on tangible assets. But in our service economy, the most important asset is intangible: a company's relationship with its customers.”

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