Nowadays, you can find pretty much everyone you know on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Even businesses are using these sites to help promote products and attract customers. But getting people to quick visit your site and check you out isn’t nearly the same as getting them to actually come in, or visit your website, to purchase something from your company.

This is why CRM applications need to be improved. In the past, CRM was simply used for organizing customer information. This included emails, purchase history, and other key information that could be used to keep track of your customers’ habits and send them email and mail advertisements in the attempt of getting them to purchase something else from you and keep them coming back so could get their business.

Twitter and Facebook

With social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, businesses can further target a specific group of consumers because they can now better tell what their customers really want. They can even hire a celebrity to tweet that they like or use the product. This will make customer’s more willing to buy it. However, there is also a further step that needs to start being utilized by businesses and that is to add a Customer Experience Model to their CRM, according to an article by Beverly Macy. With sites like these, people are easier able to voice their opinions and concerns about the products they are purchasing. If they don’t like something, they can tweet about it on Twitter or post a status about it on Facebook. Businesses need to set up a system that can track these comments and improve their products based on what the majority of customers are saying about it.

Social networking sites and the Internet are making it easier businesses to find out what most people want and make their products better. Implementing a Customer Experience Model will greatly increase the number of satisfied customers overall with a company, because they would now having their voices heard on what actually matters to them.