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Aplicor cloud based business software

Cracking Down on Pharmaceutical Counterfeits

If you want a monumental problem to solve, how about the proliferation of counterfeit drugs across the world? These days, with product sales possible over the Internet, a greater volume of high-cost medications, and better counterfeiting technology, the counterfeit drug manufacturing and distribution business is certainly on the rise. According to one recent PBS piece, counterfeit prescription drugs have become an "exploding" industry, with an estimated market worth $75 billion worldwide. Most of these counterfeits originate in India and China, according to Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, and with such long supply chains these days, there are more and more opportunities for foul play.

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How Businesses Benefit from the Application Lifecycle

Line-of-business applications, as with most things, go through cycles. In the early days, you had separate financial applications, best of breed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, and separate Warehouse Management Systems. If you had a storefront, it was a custom application, built by early web developers. Then these pieces started to get consolidated, first by companies acquiring the pieces and integrating them, then they started to build all the functionality on one platform. 

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The Latest Trends and Strategies for ECommerce for Distributors

I have always been told to write the why, what and how latest-trends-ecommerce-distributors-blog.jpga topic will affect the reader. In the case of eCommerce, the audience understands the why. Forrester research published a study that showed the growth of eCommerce from $262 billion in 2013 to a projected $370 billion by 2017. In addition to this revenue growth, employment rates increased from 400,000 individuals in 2013 to an expected 100,000+ growth by 2017. So the why of increased product exposure, better customer service and quicker response time is obvious; the what and how is most important for companies to understand when it comes to eCommerce these days.

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How Multiple Applications Can Slow Down Your Business

Has this ever happened to you? You work in operations or IT for a wholesale distributor and have figured out how to get data out of multiple systems to provide reports to upper management. Then, one day an executive comes by and says, “Hey, you know that great report that you did on product sales by customer? Can you break it down for us by add-on products that were upsold as well?” Now you go to your separate eCommerce application, which has your upsell data, and your separate CRM system that has your customer data and your separate WMS system that has your product data.

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Do You Have a Disaster Recovery Plan? A Little Planning Can Save Your Growing Business.

What are the top questions your organization should be able to answer about disaster recovery?

Disaster-Recovery-PlanThey might be these:

1.  Has Your Senior Leadership Bought into the Need for a Disaster Recovery Plan?

If not, it’s time to start talking about one. Yes, it’s unlikely your physical location will ever be destroyed by a natural disaster. Who knows? The chances may be less than 1%. But, if that does happen, they need to know they could lose the entire business without a good disaster recovery plan. If that doesn’t happen, at minimum they will lose lots of time and money – unnecessarily. Disaster recovery plans pay for themselves.

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Minimizing Your Growing Pains: How A Complete Tool Can Help

Data_Management_Business_Software_ApplicationsPeriods of high-growth are oftentimes a double-edged sword for small businesses. Increasing revenues and expanded customers bases are exciting as it means that more people are discovering your unique value proposition. However, if managers aren’t prepared, rapid expansion can cause a company to quickly outgrow its resources and find itself unable to meet increased demand. The key is to aim for sustainable growth, and to incorporate a business software application that will position you for success as your organization begins to change. A complete cloud solution that integrates ERP, CRM, and eCommerce will allow you to take the reins of your growth and use it to your advantage.

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Top Accounting Software Features for the Food and Beverage Industry

Aplicor-Accounting-for-FoodBev_250_pxThe Right Accounting Software:  A Key Ingredient for Success

Companies in the food and beverage industry operate in a highly competitive environment on low profit margins. If you’re in the business, you know that having the right accounting software is an essential ingredient for success. Looking for the best of the best? Today’s top accounting software options offer these five things:

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How to Use a Customer Data Hub to Improve Overall Customer Experience

Aplicor-Customer-Data-HubWant to know why “big data” isn’t just called “data.”  Log in to your customer data hub and start scrolling through all of the records. Overwhelmed yet? Fortunately, a customer data hub can take this data and turn it into something more meaningful. It is a powerful tool that captures customer information and helps you gain insight into who they are and what they want. Here’s how to use your hub to create better customer experiences:

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Construction Material Management for Distributors: How the Right Software Can Make All the Difference

Aplicor-Construction-Material-ManagementHow the Right Software Makes All the Difference

Construction firms that effectively manage their materials save thousands on labor, warehousing fees and interest every year. And the distributors who become a trusted supplier to these companies, win repeat business again and again. How do they do it? Primarily through the right software. Let’s take a look at how smart technology choices make construction material management more cost-effective and efficient:

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5 Ways CRM Software Can Benefit Your Business

As your company shifts into a business growth model, customer retention becomes more important than ever to the vitality of your company. The following five reasons illustrate why implementing a robust, integrated CRM Software is absolutely necessary if you want to get the most out of your customer data, and position your business for long-term, sustainable growth.

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