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Managing Cash Flow in a Growing Business

The Positive Impact of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Applications on Cash Flow

Cash Flow Impact of ERPBeing at the helm of a growing business that hasn't implemented an enterprise resource planning application yet can mean that "your mind is on your money and your money's on your mind" constantly throughout the day. Do you know how much cash flow you have? Do you know where it’s coming from and where it’s going?  Without a way to confidently find the answers you need, nagging questions like these raise the stakes and make stress levels run high.  

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How Using Multiple Business Applications is Killing Your Bottom Line!

APLICOR 3C® Built-in ERP, CRM and eCommerce Solution

Owning a business or being a decision maker of a growing business can be
both rewarding and challenging at the same time.
It often feels as if you are in limbo, juggling multiple, confusing software programs in order to stay on top of sales, inventory, customer service and more.
Well what if there were just ONE business software application that managed and automated your ecommerce platform, CRM and ERP all together?
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Aplicor 3C - What is at the heart of your business?

A message from Steve Haley, CEO - Aplicor, Inc.

"We designed Aplicor 3C® specifically for our customers so that they can deliver a better customer experience...business leaders agree, that if they were designing software - they would do as we have done today..."

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Topics: A Message From the CEO

A Guide to Dealing With Difficult Clients

We've been looking this week at how to deal with those difficult clients - the ones who don't know what they want, who can't agree on a price, or who just don't seem to cooperate. It would be great if all clients simply rushed up to us with money in hand, begging for our products. Unfortunately, the real world isn't like that. Our true measure as salesmen isn't how well we make the easy sales, but it's how well we cope with the difficult ones.

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Topics: Business Advice, The Importance of Great Service

How to Make The Impossible Sale

Making the Sale

Dave Kahle has superb advice on the impenetrable account: those customers who are firmly entrenched with a competitor and aren't really interested even in hearing from you.

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Topics: Business Advice, Innovative Ways to Engage Customers

Formalizing The Sales Process

This week, I looked at how you go about creating a sales process that works for you. I decided not to just give you examples of other people's processes, because what's right for them may not be what's right for you. Instead, I focused on what you need to know to define your sales process.

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Topics: Business Advice, Sales Process

Who Should Be Involved In Your Sales Development?

Are your sales team lone wolves, operating independently and bringing home the great deals? Or are they team players who are calling on the rest of the company to help them close a deal? Which works best?

For many organizations, that's a more tricky question than it appears.

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Topics: Business Advice, Innovative Ways to Engage Customers

Are You Using This Sales Checklist?

Sales Checklist

The point of a sales process is to achieve 3 things:

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Topics: Business Advice, Sales Process

Defining A Sales Strategy

"Winging it is not a strategy." It may work, and that may be how your best sales guys like to operate, but if you really want to grow your business, you need to be a bit more formalized about how you do sales. After all, there's a process for every other part of your company - why shouldn't there be one for sales.

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How to Navigate through Cloud Security Issues

It's a theme we've talked about before, and we'll talk about it again in the months to come. Cloud services and cloud storage is fantastic for many reasons - most importantly, you can access your data anywhere, anytime, from any device. Just log in from any office, from home, from a tablet, from your phone, and you'll instantly have access to anything you need. You can even work from a friend's house on their computer, or from a cybercafe. But that flexibility comes at a price. If you can access that data with ease, so can anyone else with your username and password. And if hackers can breach the security of a single cloud server, they can gain access to more data than ever before.

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