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Built for Growing Companies

ERP, CRM & EcOMMERCE in a Single Cloud Solution

Why APLICOR 3C Test Drive Aplicor

The Powerful All-in-One Business Solution to Grow Your business

Designed for small and medium-sized companies, one business application with the combined power of an integrated cloud-based ERP, CRM & E-Commerce Software.


Financials (ERP)


• Accounting & Reporting
• Sales Orders, PO's & Inventory
• Cost Accounting & Analytics
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• Salesforce Automation
• Case Management
• Marketing Automation
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• Product Catalog Management
• Shopping Cart
• Order Management Learn More

Gain control over the growth of your business by choosing a powerful but simple all-in-one ERP, CRM & Ecommerce business solution

Stop trying to do more with less.

Growing companies need technology that can support their growth as the business becomes larger and more complex. Don’t wait until your business begins to suffer, running on business systems that you’ve outgrown. See how much MORE is possible with the Aplicor 3C® all-in-one business software solution and how easy it is to learn and use. Your employees and your customers will thank you.


 Why Aplicor? 

Aplicor 3C® Business Software Solution


Honest and Uncomplicated Pricing

Conserve Cash with Straightforward Pricing and No Surprises.

All the features you need are built in for the price of one with no fine print or unexpected, hidden costs. Our all-in-one business application includes cloud-based ERP, CRM and eCommerce – forever. No tricks upon renewal, like charging for each piece separately. No hidden limited time offers for full access, and user limits are up to your discretion. Each Aplicor 3C® license grants full rights for the use of everything. You can count on us to support your business by helping you get the best value, with cash left over to invest in your growing business.

Simply the Best Web-Based Business System

A Powerful System that Gives You Plenty of Room to Grow.

As you grow out of your entry-level business and accounting systems, you need advanced features so you can stay in control. We’ve built the best integrated ERP, CRM and eCommerce solution with the features growing companies need, all in one affordable business application that grows right along with you. Skip the complexity and high cost to install and manage the mega applications, while still getting the features you really need. Get B2B eCommerce with multi-currency and multi-language capability that you can manage within the ERP-driven CMS, with no need for a programmer. All-in-one business software, at one affordable price.

Built-In Customer Care

You Don’t Pay More for Us to Care More.

With Aplicor 3C®, you don’t need to pay more just to get our attention and assistance. It’s very simple: We Simply Care. Great customer service is part of the package, for everyone. We know growing companies need more than just an email response within 48 hours, and you may actually need to speak to someone directly. Our knowledgeable customer care agents are here to give you the help you need, when you need it.

One of the Only Customizable Cloud-Based Applications

To Stretch Your Investment.

Aplicor 3C® was built for change. This means the investment you make today can be stretched to cover future growth by taking advantage of advanced features and customization. No need for a programmer or going through yet another system upgrade. Your System Administrator can allow users to make adjustments so they can view the information they need to be the most productive, and VARS can make modifications according to their portfolio of customer needs. 

Secure, Anytime, Anywhere and from Any Device

So You Can Scale Beyond Your Four Walls.

Experience the real benefits of a cloud-based business solution, including lower total cost of ownership, the freedom of mobility, tighter security, and broader markets. With Aplicor 3C®, you can feel confident about building your business wherever your business, or you, need to go. With independence from restrictions, you can connect with more customers, partners, suppliers, and locations wherever and whenever needed.

Built-In is Simply Better than Bolted-On

Speed Customer Response with Instant Access to Accurate Information.

Growing companies need the most current and accurate information to be instantly available at the speed customers demand. Updates are often needed faster than the time it takes to travel from one application to another, or to communicate via email, phone call or exception reports. Aplicor 3C®'s central application database ensures everyone who needs it has access to this central repository of the most current information, updated in real-time across ERP, CRM and eCommerce systems.

The Power of an All-In-One Business Solution

Centralized Data Provides a Better Customer Experience.

This is a “know me” culture, where customers expect you to know about all their interactions with you across your entire enterprise, regardless of which system houses that information. That includes order history, sales inquiries, problems they’re experiencing, correspondence, payment information and more. Aplicor 3C® provides a comprehensive real-time picture of that customer, right from the heart of the application.

Not Just a Business Application

It’s a Growth Plan.

We’re passionate about growing companies and helping them to thrive; but before you can grow, you need a growth plan, and that involves more than just business software. That’s why we created our Growth Partner Network, a partnership ecosystem designed to help growing companies build the types of relationships that can drive their success.


The Power of The Cloud

Why APLICORFree Demo



Lower Costs

Do more with less. By moving to a cloud application, you can reduce infrastructure costs and gain the cost benefits of secure access to your data from anywhere, anytime, with any device.

Tighter security

A secure cloud doesn’t mean anything unless you have proof to back it up. Aplicor holds independent information security certifications from the Federal Government and International Standard Organizations.



Anywhere Anytime

Enterprise business operations would grind to a halt without a secure, flexible network that’s always available. Aplicor 3C® is a cloud-based software suite allowing for 24/7 access of your company’s data in any location, on any device.



Let's Discuss How Aplicor 3C® Can Help YOUR Growing Business

The affordable yet powerful All-In-One application that grows with your growing business.

If you're a growing business, then it's time to contact Aplicor® to learn about our all-in-one ERP, CRM and eCommerce Software Solution specifically made for small to mid-sized companies.

Complete this form, and we'll be in touch shortly to learn more about your needs and help you explore how Aplicor 3C® can support your growing business now, and well into the future.

Aplicor Growth Partner Network

Our Growth Partner Network helps us to deliver innovative solutions far faster than we, or any other company, could do alone. We are passionate about growing companies and believe that the value we deliver to our customers needs to be more than just the products and services we sell.

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