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The Heart of
Business Growth™

Built-in is Simply Better®
CRM, ERP and eCommerce in a Single Cloud Solution

Why APLICOR 3C Test Drive Aplicor

What's at the Heart of your Business?



One business application at the heart of growing your customers, cash and competitive advantage.

The only Business Solution built For Growing Companies from ground up

It's all included – Built-in features others charge for

Growing companies often have to do more with less. Wearing many hats, entrepreneurs and managers need people and technology to be smarter and their applications to simply do more - See how much more Aplicor 3C® can do for you and how easy it is to learn and use.

Why APLICORFree Demo


The Power of a 3-in-1 CRM, ERP & ECommerce Solution

We have built the best of what growing companies need into one application.

CRM, eCommerce and ERP – all built into one solid-secure application core is unique. Why is this so unique? Because a single application capable of connecting all transaction information to all customer information and interactions from across all channels – is unheard of in smaller applications designed for growing companies. We understand, when growing out of your entry-level system, that you need advanced features found in some of the best enterprise systems.

Why APLICORFree Demo

Growing Business application


A message from Steve Haley, CEO - Aplicor, Inc.

"We designed Aplicor 3C® specifically for our customers so that they can deliver a better customer experience...business leaders agree, that if they were designing software - they would do as we have done today..."

Why APLICORFree Demo




Honest and Uncomplicated Pricing

So You Can Conserve Cash.
It’s all built-in for the price of one. Aplicor 3C® is a 3-in-1 application that includes CRM, eCommerce and ERP – forever. No tricks upon renewal – like charging for each piece separately. There’s no such thing as limited users – your admin decides how much each user will use – we don’t decide for you. There are no hidden limited-time offers for full access. Each Aplicor 3C® license grants full rights for the use of everything. Purchasing Aplicor 3C® means there’s no fine-print or unexpected-hidden costs.

Simply The Best

For You To Grow With And Not Out Of.
We have built the best of what growing companies need into one application. We understand, when growing out of your entry-level system, that you need advanced features found in some of the best enterprise systems, but really don’t need all of it; neither do you need the complexity, IT overhead and expense to install and manage these mega applications. Aplicor 3C® has built-in B2B eCommerce where you can quickly manage your own multi-currency and multi-language site all from our within the ERP-driven CMS – without the need for a programmer. Aplicor 3C® is simply the best for growing companies.

Built-In Customer Care

You Don’t Pay More For Us To Care More.
It’s very simple: We Simply Care. We know growing companies need more than just an email response within 48 hours. We understand you may actually need to speak to someone – our customer care agents are here to help. You don’t need to pay more - for us to care more.

One of the Only Customizable Cloud Applications

To Stretch Your Investment.
Aplicor 3C® was built for change. This means the investment you make today can be stretched far enough to cover future growth. Your Admin can grant users rights to adjust the screens and information they need to be the most productive without the need for a programmer. Aplicor 3C® enables VARS to modify according to their portfolio of customer needs.

Secure, Anytime, Anywhere and From Any Device

So You Can Scale Beyond Your Four walls.
Aplicor 3C® helps growing companies experience the real benefits of cloud computing, such as: lower cost of ownership and tighter security so that you can scale beyond the four walls to connect with more customers, partners, suppliers and geographical locations.

Built-in is Simply Better® than Bolted-on

Respond To Customers At The Speed They Demand.
Growing companies need accurate information and changes to information to be instantly available - at the speed customers demand. Updates are needed faster than the time it takes to travel from one application to another or via email, telephone call or exception reports. Aplicor 3C® is one application that ensures real-time updating throughout the single CRM, eCommerce and ERP application database.

The Power of 3-in-1

To Keep Customers and Grow Sales Better Than Your Competitors.
Customers expect an intimate relationship and a “know me” culture – for you to know their needs, know about all their communications with you across your enterprise and be up to date on all their purchases from you and instantaneously know about any problems that they have communicated to you. Aplicor 3C® provides a complete real-time customer picture from the heart of the application.

Not Just An Application

It’s A Growth Plan.
Growing companies need more than an application, they need a growth strategy and ecosystem of partnerships in-which they can thrive. We are passionate about growing companies and that’s why we created our Growth Partner Network® for growing companies to grow partnerships and their success.

The Power of the Cloud


Do more with less. With the cloud, infrastructure costs are reduced and you get the benefit of secure data access anywhere, anytime, with any device.


A secure cloud doesn't mean anything unless you have proof to back-it-up. Aplicor holds independent information security certifications from the Federal Government and International Standard Organizations.


Without a secure, flexible network that is always available, enterprise business operations would grind to a halt. Aplicor 3C is a cloud-based software suite allowing for 24/7 access of your companies data in any location, on any device.